Apprentice digital campaign

VEOLIA Germany 2021

A successful digital campaign arouses the interest of young talents for Veolia Germany.

As a team, we developed a customized strategy for Veolia’s trainee campaign to attract young talent and get them excited about one of the many training opportunities at Veolia. After intensive workshops in co-creation with our customers, we developed a comprehensive Communication strategy and a content concept developed.

Our creative team has poured this into an impressive, target group-oriented design concept with a memorable visual language. Text, headline and claim development, as well as static and interactive graphics were part of the overall package.

Developed and successfully played out on all social media channels relevant to customers and target groups, we were able to significantly increase both reach and conversion. The number of applicants speaks for itself.

By seamlessly adapting the content to the existing design grid and integrating it easily into the CMS, we ensured that the campaign’s message was communicated effectively on the company’s website.

The trainee campaign is an important step towards positioning Veolia as an attractive training company and attracting talented young people.



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