Simply saving the world

We bring entrepreneurial
Responsibility to the point

On the one hand, we are experts in the field of current European directives and international frameworks. We are happy to share this knowledge and work with you to achieve internationally comparable reporting standards.

On the other hand, we do not lose sight of the big picture. We ask where the journey is heading, how everyone can be brought on board and how corporate responsibility can really be anchored in your company. And together we will find the right answers for you.

Because our heart beats for sustainability. This does not work by decree, but by identification.

Based on this conviction, we combine our experience in communication with our expertise in sustainable reporting and strategy.

Consulting for greater sustainability

Anyone setting out on the road to corporate responsibility must determine the route beforehand. We do this together with you. We analyze, advise strategically and provide information.

  • Asset 46
    Status quo & benchmark analysis
  • Asset 45
    Sustainability strategy
  • Asset 38
    Policy development
  • Asset 39
    ESG compliance
  • Asset 37
    Data management
  • Asset 40
    Standards and certifications
  • Asset 43
    CSRD, EU Taxonomy, LkSG, GRI, DNK, EcoVadis, Green Claims


At the end of the process is the annual or sustainability report. Before that, there is a lot of complexity and loose ends that need to be tied up. We accompany you from start to finish … and continue seamlessly with the next reporting cycle.

  • Asset 37
  • Asset 38
    Gap analysis
  • Asset 39
    Stakeholder engagement
  • Asset 40
    (Double) Materiality analysis
  • Asset 41
    Workshops & Change management
  • Asset 42
    Data collection
  • Asset 43
    Audit preparation
  • Asset 44
  • Asset 45
    Text creation
  • Asset 46
    Machine-readable formats


We think ahead. This is because the annual or sustainability report in its form does not reach everyone. Whether it’s a podcast as an on-the-go format, social media campaigns for (future) fans and followers or a serious trade fair appearance for B2B customers – we package difficult content in a target group-oriented and authentic way. In this way, you will make a sustainable impression (in two respects).

  • Asset 40
    Websites, social media, apps, print, podcasts, video, gamification, trade fair
  • Asset 39
    Sustainability in employer branding
  • Asset 38
    Target group-oriented communication
  • Asset 43
    Psychology in climate change communication
  • Asset 37
    Sustainable product marketing

Talks and
Panel discussions

Sustainability moves us. And women in the company, the topic of gender equity, is also a matter close to our hearts. We are happy to pass on this message. Or have controversial discussions about real change and greenwashing. Our many years of experience provide us with the necessary anecdotes and insights into various sectors. Always with the necessary discretion, of course.

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