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SARIA 2023

The international SARIA Group manufactures products for human and animal nutrition, agriculture, aquaculture and pharmaceutical and industrial applications. Its focus is on the recycling of animal and organic waste materials.

Digital concept

Nur Baute developed a design concept for the digital Sustainability Report 2023 that presents the business model and sustainability efforts in an appealing and understandable way – with guaranteed recognition value.

In addition to the website, a print flyer makes the report’s key messages tangible and accessible to a wider audience.

Special features

A highlight of both the flyer and the report is the complex cycle diagram, which illustrates the interaction between the divisions. What was shown in large format on one page of the flyer could be animated for the website and thus made even more tangible.

Another special feature of the design concept – collages with small, detailed worlds for the landing page and the division pages, which creatively reflect sustainability management, including in SARIA’s divisions. The appealing website design and the UX-optimized structure inspire users to engage with the content of the report.

We will continue to support SARIA with design and content adjustments in 2024. So stay tuned!

Circuit diagram


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